Recent Graduate of Fine Art from The University of Worcester, specializing in sculpture and drawings centered around personal discoveries within myself and the material formations of objects. I am seeking constant opportunity to pursue myself as a Freelance Artist and Designer hoping for great experience and knowledge from a diverse range of locations. The nature of my practice leads back to the distorted beauty within precious forms and as a result my work reveals the true ugliness. I work with lost and found objects, each with a different story. From this discovery I tend to explore the capabilities within the form of the object, What can the object become? What are the capabilities?

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I enjoy physical disembodiment of material until nothing remains, resulting in the object becoming a sculptural mutation of a manipulated form, the point where my practice starts to take shape and compose a story within its presence. The material I work with generated much of my practice, I draw what I see within the remaining forms and material and I sculpt into the object by adding other components and De-constructing the material further. Throughout my work a story begins to unfold, each element relating to one another and sourced from the same material. I enjoy using sculpture and drawing as two forms to support, collide and contrast with one another, working from the 3D to the flat surface of wallpaper.

As an artist I enjoy things that aren’t what they are, traces of something we once knew. As a result of my the material within my practice and my style, my artwork tends to have a Macabre presence within it, using childlike innocence and distorting it in a childlike, dark and twisted way. I work with my instinctive nature and let the accidental pieces of work create and manifest within their form.